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  • YCT Series Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor
  • YCT Series Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor
  • YCT Series Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor
  • YCT Series Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor

YCT Series Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor

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YCT series electromagnetic adjustable speed electric motor is one of the derived series from Y series asynchronous motor, which is designed under the organization of the Ministry of Mechanical & Electronic Industries of the PRC The electromagnetic adjustable speed motor is composed of three parts, i.e. The driving motor (Y series motor) electromagnetic slip coupling and controller. It is usually used under a constant torque load and is particularly suitable for the use under the load with a decreasing torque such as the centrifugal pump and blower, etc. featuring evident Energy-saving efficiency.

The speed of the electromagnetic adjustable speed motor can be adjusted uniformly continuously and steplessly within the specified adjustable speed range with an output of rated torque. When the loading torque is changed during the running of the motor, the exciting current of the coupling can be regulated automatically by the speed negative feedback system of the controller so as to keep the output speed free of any variation basically.

There is a State Standard for the technical specifications of YCT series motor. Besides, the overall & installation dimensions, driving motor, other easy-wearing parts of the motor in YTC series are the same even if they are made by different domestic manufacturers, featuring high exchangeability.

a. Free of out-of-control zone;

b. Wide adjustable speed range and stable speed adjustment;

c. With sped negative feedback automatic regulation system, small speed variation ratio;

d. Large start torque and smooth start performance;

e. Simple construction, reliable and easy for operation and maintenance;

f. Small control power, multi-way control.


The YCT series electromagnetic adjustable speed motor can be used in painting lines, transmission belts of assembly lines, plastic injecting machines, dyeing machines, printing machines, pumps, blowers rotary furnaces, wire drawing machines, calendars, air-conditioning equipment, transfer equipment, etc.

Ordering information

1) It is suggested that the user should select the YCT series motor, the rated torque of which should be larger than or equal to the load torque.

2) All the information about the model, nominal power, adjustable speed range, whether the controller required variety of tachgenerator. etc., must be clearly indicated in the contract.

For example: YCT160-4B, 3KW, 1250-125r/min, single-motor running without controller, medium-frequency tachogenerator.

Another example: YCT250-4A, 18.5KW, 1320-132r/min, 4-motor running, pulse tachogenerator.

3) Special types and specifications of YCT series motors can be designed and arranged in a trial production upon negotiation.

Standard Features

Type: Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

Efficiency level: High efficiency energy saving

Frame size: 112~400 frame

Rated output: 0.55~200kW

Rated voltage: 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 480V, 500V, 550V

Regulating speed range:

1200~120 r/min; 1250~125 r/min; 1320~132 r/min

1320~440 r/min; 1320~600 r/min; 1350~650 r/min

Mounting methods: B3, B5, V1

Insulation Class: B (130℃)

Temp. Rising: ΔT=80°K (B class)

Protection Class: IP21

IC01 Open self-ventilated

Bearing type: Ball bearing

Working Duty: S1 (Continuous)

Service Factor: 1.00

Ambient Temperature: -20°C ~ 40°C

Altitude: ≦1000 m.a.s.l

Ambient humidity: ≦90%

Lubricating: With grease system

Grounding lug: on the frame and terminal box

Metric Threaded Cable Entries on the Terminal Box

Customized frame size/power

Shaft: Special dimensions, double shaft end, tapered, hollow as per request

Service Factor: 1.15 or above

Insulation Class: F (155℃)

Ambient temperature: Above 40 °C (on request)

Altitude: >1000M (on request)

Bearing: SKF, FAG brand

Grease lubricated bearings

Space heaters

Thermostats RTD

Thermal protection PTC

Temperature detector PT100

NDE or both DE and NDE bearing are electrically insulated

Special Winding, Voltage, Frequency

YCT Series Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor





YCT 90-4B0.372.31200~120≤2.536

YCT 112-4A0.553.61250~125≤2.5204Z1180204Z155
YCT 112-4B0.754.91250~125≤2.5205Z1180205Z160


YCT 132-4A1.17.11250~125≤2.5205Z1180205Z185
YCT 132-4B1.59.71250~125≤2.5306Z1180306Z190


YCT 160-4A2.2141250~125≤2.5206Z1180206Z1120
YCT 160-4B3191250~125≤2.5307Z1180308Z1125

YCT 180-4A4251250~125≤2.5307Z1180308Z1162

YCT 200-4A5.5351250~125≤2.5308Z1180308Z1220
YCT 200-4B7.547.71250~125≤2.5309Z1310Z1230

YCT 225-4A11691250~125≤2.5310Z1311Z1465
YCT 225-4B15941250~125≤2.5310Z1311Z1475

312 Z1312Z1490
YCT 250-4A18.51151320~132≤2.5311Z1311Z1490
YCT 250-4B221371320~132≤2.5312Z1312Z1510

YCT 280-4A301891320~132≤2.5313Z1313Z1750
YCT 315-4A372321320~132≤2.5314Z1315Z1800
YCT 315-4A372321320~132≤2.5313Z1313Z1800
YCT 315-4B452821320~132≤2.5314Z1315Z1800

YCT 335-4A553441320~440≤2.5318Z1318Z11900

YCT 335-4B754691320~440≤2.5318Z1318Z11980

YCT 335-4C905641320~600≤2.5318Z1318Z12080

YCT 400-4A1106901350~650≤2.5

YCT 400-4B1328271350~650≤2.5
YCT 400-4C16010001350~650≤2.5