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How much is the bearing selection related to the motor load?

Jun. 16, 2022

For three phase electric motor bearings, both electric motor manufacturers and end users, we all know that for heavy-duty electric motors, cylindrical roller bearings will be used at the shaft extension end of the motor, and for particularly large and heavy-duty motors, sliding bearings will be used.

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In the actual bearing selection and application process, it will be found that some three phase electric motors will have obvious vibration in the no-load state, and will become very stable in the load state. This is the matching relationship analysis between bearing selection and load size that Shandong Lanrui, as a professional Chinese electric motor manufacturer, talks about today.

The shaft extension of heavy duty large power electric motor, when choosing rolling bearings, will use the shaft extension for cylindrical roller bearings, non-shaft end for ordinary ball bearings two bearing structure, for the axial positioning is more strict occasions, will use three bearing structure, that is, the shaft extension uses a ball column double bearing structure, non-shaft extension is also the use of ball bearings; For ordinary load motor, especially for small size motor, the two bearing structure with ball bearings at both ends is more used. This is the basic principle of electric motor load and bearing type selection.

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In addition to the selection of three phase motor bearing type, the selection of bearing specifications is also particularly important, that is, the load that the bearing can bear should match the load of the motor, and the selection of increasing or decreasing specifications should be carried out according to the actual working condition of the motor. For relatively standard bearing manufacturers, we are fully capable of providing customers with bearing selection schemes, and carrying out necessary special process or size adjustment according to the actual matching conditions of users' motors.

In fact, Electric motor manufacturers warm reminder of different motor transmission mode of bearing load requirements are different, such as pulley transmission, 

coupling transmission, and gear transmission on bearing load. Coupling transmission mode, bearing system load and torque correlation is small, belt wheel drive motor, bearing system will be affected by belt tightness, and the size of the belt wheel; And gear transmission, bearing system is directly affected by the torque size.